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The Joinery

A Living Building project in Tulsa

The Joinery is a sustainable building project, located at 640 N. Denver Ave, Tulsa Oklahoma. The 3,180-square-foot, two-story, brick residence is the first in Oklahoma to seek Living Building Challenge™ certification from the International Living Future Institute. The Joinery’s goals are:

  • To connect neighbors to food, nature and community in an urban area north of downtown.

  • To build a residence that is self-sufficient and remains within the resource limits of its site.

  • To serve as a model of innovative, sustainable design in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and beyond.

To be a certified Living Building, The Joinery has to meet 20 Imperatives outlined by the Living Future Institute, requiring thorough documentation. Additionally, the finished building has to prove performance over 12 consecutive months. Construction began December 2018.

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In exchange for discounted or donated building materials, The Joinery’s team will offer various levels of promotion during construction. Partners will be featured in year-round tours of The Joinery once it has been completed. 

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