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About the project

The Joinery is a community-minded residence being built in a historic neighborhood according to the Living Building Challenge.

Wood salvaged from the Cain's Ballroom dance floor in 2017 will be used on The Joinery's first floor. 


The Joinery is a sustainable building project, located at 640 N. Denver Ave. in north Tulsa. The 3,180-square-foot, two-story, brick residence is the first in Oklahoma to seek Living Building Challenge™ certification from the International Living Future Institute.

These regenerative buildings are constructed not only to be self-sufficient but also to give more than they take. It’s considered “the world’s most rigorous proven performance standard for building.” In fact, there are just two dozen fully certified Living Buildings in the world; and the majority of those in the U.S. are located on the coasts. Find certified case studies here

Our goals in building The Joinery are:

  • To connect neighbors to food, nature and community in an urban area north of downtown.

  • To build a residence that is self-sufficient and remains within the resource limits of its site.

  • To serve as a model of innovative, sustainable design in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and beyond.

The Joinery will be built with structural masonry and highly efficient mechanical and electrical systems.​ To be a certified Living Building, The Joinery has to meet all 20 imperatives required by the International Living Future Institute, including being built with materials free of chemicals of concern. 

Our project is lead by Molly Jones, an adviser to NASA on sustainability and president of Jones Design Studio. The team includes Building Culture and Anchor Development & Construction. 

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